42Gears Mobility Systems: Looking after Endpoints in Transforming Digital Workplaces

Abhay Koranne, SVP
Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies have be¬come common with both, large enterprises and small size organizations, and there is no sign of the trend abating any time soon. In spite of concerns about security breaches, internal governance, device management and a host of other potential complications, businesses are finding the pros of BYOD outweigh the cons. However, the overseen cons can often return back to haunt the business. With all the pros, and providing redemption from the remaining potential vulnerabilities, Bangalore, India headquartered 42Gears Mobility Systems builds software products and offers services for secure and efficient deployment of enterprise mobile applications on a plethora of devices such as tablets, smartphones, rugged devices, laptops and smartwears.

BYOD not just involves providing secure email access to employees but also managing apps and data on employee devices. 42Gears Unified Endpoint Management(UEM)platform helps to mobilize business processes and workflows. Moreover, I&O leaders realize the growing importance of enterprise mobility as a means to gain competitive advantage. The UEM solution is used as a business enablement tool to fulfill requirements such as enabling general productivity(email, calendar, access to documents)and digital business initiatives (logistics and delivery devices, self service kiosks, and digital signage). Besides,42Gears offers a secure BYOD strategy with a multi-layered approach to prevent security threats against sensitive and valuable information loss. Organizations can restrict access to file manager, secure devices using password policies, and use compliance job to set data sharing policies for BYOD devices.

Making a Mark in Every Geography and Industry Alike
The demand for increasing workforce productivity and cloud workspace along with consumerization of IT are the other major factors anticipated to propel India’s enterprise mobility management market through the period of 2018-2022. As SVP for 42Gears, Abhay Koranne explains that while majority of business comes from the US and UK markets, India had always been a growing market for 42Gears and their business is growing at a fast pace in the geography. To cater to this promising market and continue expanding its business, 42Gears Mobility Systems set up a team to function out of Mumbai, Bangalore and Rajkot. “Our platforms offer multiple solutions to support the ever demanding mobile workforce needs of the Indian continent”, adds Abhay.

42Gears offers a secure BYOD strategy with a multi-layered approach to prevent security threats against sensitive and valuable information loss

For instance, 42Gears made a significant difference for Hydrauvision’s mobility strategy. The Nederland based leading specialist in the area of complete hydraulic drives and related controls uses 42Gears’ products to secure company email access on their employees’ devices, thereby ensuring the protection of critical and confidential company data. Hydrauvision implements 42Gears’ BYOD solution to separate corporate data from personal data on employee-owned devices through containerization.

With teams operating out of Bangalore, Manchester, Rajkot and Mumbai as well, 42Gears has their goal set on offering their services and products across the globe. The company looks forward to become a front runner in offering customers a platform that will manage all endpoints securely and seamlessly.