Opportune Technologies: gamify your every day!

Dhwani Mehta, Founder
Why do we need to combine work with play? The transition from the industrial age to the information age has brought about a large number of changes to the workplace. Instead of simply following instructions, employees today are expected to ideate and innovate in their day to day tasks. This shift in mindset and working culture requires engagement at work, motivation to achieve goals and an environment that facilitates ideation. All of these are encompassed in one optimal solution – Gamification at work.

Gamification is human focused design that goes beyond points, badges and leader boards and allows each individual to optimize their potential.

What is Coroebus?
Coroebus is a powerful SaaS based gamification platform created by Paathshala. Realizing the impact and importance of Gamification at the workplace Paatshala has built a strategic partnership with Opportune, one of the fastest growing HR automation company with modern HRMS, HRIS and workforce management solutions. Opportune, with its strong HR platform and services, has gained deep insight into employee behavior and motivations.

How does it work?
Coroebus has engaging gameplay, immersive themes and intuitive analytics. It maps the Key Performance Indicators and allows the organization to set different targets for different teams based on their
ability and business goals. Every player gets a fair chance to win and there is transparency in the measurement and reporting of performance. Elevated team spirits and a sense of belonging to a cause are some of the many positive outcomes that Coroebus brings out with the help of Gamification at Work.

Coroebus helped a top mnc bank save usd 400,000 annualized by gamifying performance and engagement

Success Story
Coroebus helped a top MNC bank save USD 400,000 annualized by gamifying performance and engagement. It has also been implemented successfully with distributed teams having more than 2000 employees at a leading infrastructure MNC. Opportune has witnessed some amazing performance transformations and engagement levels in the journey; change in water cooler conversations from idle gossip to winning points and badges, a child prodding his mother to perform better so that she could bring home a master blaster badge, and the best one- an employee even changing his mind about quitting.

The Road Ahead
The possibilities that gamification holds for businesses today is limitless. Decreased turnover, more engagement and better performance are just the beginning of the journey. The experts at Opportune envision a future where Mondays are eagerly awaited by the workforce and every industry uses a game flow that suits their needs. One must experience the magic of gamification by deploying Coroebus at the workplace.