MobCast Innovations: Fine Tuning the Art of Employee Learning and Engagement

Ashwin Roy Choudhary, Founder & CEO
As the conundrum of work and competition sets in, the need to engage employees productively is witnessing several innovative approaches. One such instance is ‘Gamification’ which is ushering in a new trend to engage employees using a digital environment. Increasingly, when classic reward systems are suffering from a monochromatic hue, Mumbai headquartered, 'MobCast' – a ‘Learning and Employee Engagement’ Platform is bringing in various engaging tools for employees. With MobCast app, the company brings in tailor made Employee or HR Engagement solu¬tions in mobile app platform.

The nature and the platform of communication and engagement have altered at an amazing pace. The significant utility of social platforms and ease of simplicity to engage users, through mobile apps have impacted the gamification worldwide and is still on the rise. Skype, e-mail, and other social interfaces with various mobile apps have brought all the employees at a single engagement Diaspora of communication.

MobCast has therefore, extended to several mid to large level enterprises to broadcast announcements, videos, feedbacks and live casts for spreading official, fun and training modules for higher efficiency. Having worked with the likes of Kotak Bank, SBI Life, Raymond, Croma, SBI General, CavinKare, DHFL, Axis Bank and others has helped MobCast understand the challenges of employees and fix them via their digital offerings. The company has extended its expertise to Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Education and IT industries as well.

The MobCast Engine
The aspect of learning as is said cannot be undermined. MobCast has kept the learning and training aspects at its core with fun tools, games and enhanced interactive platforms. The framework of MobCast is built on identifying a goal, track progress (feedback) and score, in a friendly competitive environment. The core of the app has a clearly defined learning journey (Finish Line) on employees’ dashboard; based on consumption of content/courses. Furthermore, the learner crosses different milestones and earns badges (Feedback). These
badges help the learner unlock future courses. At all points there is a Leaderboard where an employee can see his rank in comparison with peers. In addition, the course completion certificates can be shared on social sites that have multi language support, unique notification engines, multimedia content and challenge peers. This also enhances office competitive nature wherein MobCast app focuses on boosting the performance of the field executives with its 3 modules namely:

MobCast powers the learning and engagement aspects of over 8,00,000 employees globally

PRADARSHAN – Using PRADARSHAN module, a Sales representative gets complete clarity on targets, achievement, incentives and shortfalls via graphs on his mobile device. Based on defined hierarchy and location, managers can keep track of their team members’ progress. The performance numbers are pulled from different CRMs or Sales force systems.

SALES-O-PEDIA – It’s a logically sectioned repository that a sales guy may require to make a pitch and close a sale. It includes Product Collateral, Sales Videos, Latest Pricing, KYC, Forms, and Pitch Pointers. A Sales person can choose to share the above documents with customers on email or other platforms via the app itself.

MarkMe– MarkMe gives the field employees the ability to remotely mark attendance and apply for leaves via the app. The location tracking and ‘picture capture’ features allow managers to keep a live check on their field staff.

Redesigning the Fun Ecosystem
MobCast powers the learning and engagement aspects of over 8,00,000 employees globally. To put the scale of users in perspective, MobCast would be comparable and bigger than the population of Bhutan, Maldives and over 30 percent countries in the world. The company is setting its extremities with an upcoming intelligent AI chat bot ‘Donna’ in the next few quarters that is envisaged to act as a personal secretary for every employee and help them with their daily office work. By engaging Donna – companies worldwide could double their employees’ productivity and the organization’s output. Based on this initiative, MobCast is set to extend its geographic identity into the Asian and the Middle East markets.