All Is Well: Ensuring Hassle-free Visitor On-boarding

CIO Vendor Increasing demand to effectively monitor and regulate visitors in the facilities for enhanced safety and security has led to widespread adoption of visitor management systems that record and digitize the visitor information and provide better control over the movement of visitors. However, most of the solutions available today failed to address the specific needs of gated communities and apartments like maid management, courier management etc. and also the needs of enterprises like in-house material management owing to lack of business specific strategies in dealing with the issues, eventually resulting in complex on-boarding process along with partial fulfilment of desired objectives of enhanced safety and security. So, industry specific solutions with smooth onboarding experience for the visitors have become need of the hour today.

Easy-to-use Design for Better User Experience and Security
Clearly understanding the scenario, All Is Well, a Bangalore based company came forward with industry-specific solutions and business specific strategies to address the needs of residential complexes, corporate enterprises, schools and colleges, providing a seamless on-boarding and pleasant experience for the visitors. The company offers digitized security solutions and enables a secure, smart and safe living for people. “Our solutions work complementary to the security guards and replace the conventional process of manual registration by digitizing the workflows. We not only digitize the visitor entries but also authenticate them with the help of missed call and OTP features so that it can be used as evidence during the police investigation. We train the guards and help them easily use the system to provide better experience for the visitors and safety to the facility. Our solutions are designed in such a way that even least tech-savvy and first mobile using guards can also use them effectively,” informs Kunal Maheshwari, CEO & Co-Founder of All Is Well.
The company’s solutions for residential complexes include the modules of visitor management, staff attendance tracking, maid management, amenities usage tracking, courier management, community notice board, courier management etc; enterprise solutions include the modules of front desk visitor management, incoming and outgoing courier management, material management, biometric staff attendance etc; solutions for schools and colleges include modules of parent tracking, visitor management etc.

Our solutions work complementary to the security guards and replace the conventional process of manual registration by digitizing the workflows

Back-end System Monitoring
The company through its back-end monitoring system monitors the data entry for the authentication and notifies the security guards and management to take pro-active steps in case of unusual activities like instant drop or rise in the visitor entry rate. Proper authentication of visitors helps in the wake of crime for the investigation. The company enables admin full control over the entire facility and provides real-time dashboards to better monitor and understand the visitor management. Giving utmost importance to the privacy and security of the user data, the company stores all the data in the encrypted format in the secure AWS cloud platform.

“Targeting the enterprises, we are planning to launch solutions for in-house management and material management to expand our reach in the enterprise segment. With an eye on tier 2 and tier 3 cities, we look forward to expand our services in the metro cities particularly in Delhi and Chandigarh,” concludes Kunal.