Security Shells: Delivering an Integrated Identity & Access Management Solution

CIO Vendor With constantly growing security threats in today’s technology driven world, security is one of the major concerns for any industrial vertical. Hence, many businesses have been adopting management systems to efficiently manage their visitors and the overall security of their premises. However, it is very crucial to adopt solution that can offer a complete management, which is not only safe and secure, but can also provide a hassle free experience for the visitors.

Understanding the need of the hour, Security Shells based in Pune, Maharashtra has been providing integrated Identity & Access Management Solutions to its clients spanning different verticals from manufacturing, IT/ITES, Government & Defense Institutions, banks & financial Institutions, to logistic businesses, education Institutions and hospitality Industry.

“Security Shells was incorporated by the people sharing the common vision towards providing fool-proof security solutions to its customers with strong domain knowledge in Identity & Access Management,” says Mahesh Gavhane, Director, Security Shells. “At SSI, Identity is the core, and all the developed applications/ solutions would be revolving around securing that 'Identity',” adds Mahesh.

End-to-end visitor management
The company has been successful in developing and deploying cloud-based solutions for end-to-end visitor management of their client's premises. It can be used for Multi-locational environment and enables the clients to handle multiple gates (Entries & Exits) while also providing logins for the employees to book in the visits for their visitors. This robust architecture helps manage the workflow of the visits within the premise while considering all the aspects for improved security. The real-time location of the visitor can also be tracked within the premise, based on the access
control data. It also restricts visitors from loitering within the premise by restricting them within designated locations of the premise. Furthermore, to provide a more secured environment, finger prints of the visitors can also be captured during their first visits, and when visitor or the contractor visits the premise for the second time onwards, only by placing the finger on the scanner, the data of the visitor or the contractor can be pulled out. As they are thoroughly tracked, visitors and contractors can be banned or can be put under watch list in-case of any incidents.

Security Shells was incorporated by the people sharing the common vision towards providing foolproof security solutions to its customers with strong domain knowledge in Identity & Access Management

Going beyond from just Managing Visitors
The company also provides a platform called iSecure - a web based enterprise Access & Attendance solution which provides overall security for the internal activities. iSecure Access Control System is a fully featured access control software which has been designed to integrate security features such as access restriction, anti-pass back, door interlocking, alarms monitoring, to name a few. iSecure Time Attendance System is a comprehensive and extensive attendance tracking software with leave, shift, overtime, late/early management and various policy settings which can be configured as per the organization’s requirement.

“At Security Shells, we always work towards integration and collaboration of various solutions that would enhance the security and experience for our clients. Currently, we are working towards integration of Video Analytics from various global OEM partners which will help us to collaborate with various OEMs and work towards being Hardware OEM agnostic,” concludes Mahesh.