VAMS Global: Enhancing Safety And Security With Centralized Visitor Authentication

CIO Vendor Despite the installation of highly advanced CCTV Security Surveillance Systems and deployment of huge number of guards, enterprises face a lot of challenges in maintaining the security and managing the visitors. Particularly, in the case of organisations that are spread across multiple geographic locations and that are into different business verticals; security is always a prime concern owing to the lack of an effective and centralized visitor management system that suits their specific requirements. The existing visitor management solutions due to their conventional approach towards the security assessment make the visitor management process either inefficient or tiresome eventually failing to address the security issues. This is where VAMS Global, a pioneer in the visitor authentication and management process comes into the picture by offering specialized solutions for Corporates, Commercial Buildings & Complexes, Residential Buildings and Townships.

Industry Specific Solutions with Optimized Workflows
VAMS Global provides a centralized Visitor Authentication and Management System to improve the security and safety of premises, enhance visitor’s experience and save time and money for the stakeholders. “We have been in the business of visitor management for the past seven years; through which we gained a deep understanding of the unique requirements of each and every segment and highly secure infrastructures. Our in-depth domain knowledge helps us optimize the workflows for different verticals and deliver solutions. VAMS not only enhances their visitor's experience, but also helps the customers to comply to various audit compliances. A very important point we would like to emphasise here is that we have a highly secure product, such that it can even reside on the main network of the larger enterprises, because it complies to all the IT security policies laid down by the IT department of any large MNC,” says Nikhil Kothary, CEO, VAMS Global.

Enabling Full Control over Organisation’s Security
The Visitor Authentication and Management System offered by the company enables better control over the movement of visitors with its two-factor authentication process that includes mobile verification and facial recognition, adding value to the existing CCTVs. Since, the system collects facial data along with mobile authentication; traceability becomes easier in case of anonymous visitors and security violations. VAMS can process both pre-registered and also walk-in visitors to enable seamless visitor experience. By storing the records of visitors, the system facilitates the next
visits of the guests or visitors. The platform of VAMS which is available both on cloud and on premise includes features such as pre-scheduling visits, group entries, marking the favourites, black listing visitor and real-time and mobile application, to empower owners monitor the security from anywhere. The solution’s capabilities to handle different languages, different time zones and different national IDs, make it a preferred solution that can be deployed at a global scale for companies spread across multiple locations.

“We have more than 400 clients in 13 countries all over the world. Our solutions have been deployed across 1500 active sites and process over 150000 visitors daily. We are continuously enhancing the abilities of our solutions through valuable feedbacks from our clients. We always strive to deliver better services to our clients. We are planning to expand our geographical reach in India and Africa and America,” concludes Nikhil.

Our in-depth domain knowledge helps us optimize the workflows for different verticals and deliver solutions according to the requirements of our clients

Ease Of Visitor Management In Diamond Exchange, Mumbai
The visitor processing time in a Diamond Exchange in Mumbai was very time consuming taking at least five minutes to process each visitor. The Diamond Exchange houses 2500 diamond traders, Customs House, Banks and other Service Providers. With thousands of daily visitors who need to be pre-authorised by the tenants and then have their personal IDs recorded by the security at multiple visitor gates, the checkin process for each visitor took a lot of time, apart from the waiting time. It took almost 20 minutes for the first time visitors.

The Diamond Exchange approached VAMS Global to provide them with an appropriate solution for the problem. VAMS Global designed a highly secure visitor management solution comprising mobile and web applications with real time dashboards and monitoring module along with a bio-metric visitor registration process for first time visitors. It has dramatically reduced the check-in time for daily visitors down to 30 seconds and for first time visitors to 5 minutes as it involves highly secure bio-metric process. It has also reduced the number of guards required to process the visitors. Validation of each and every visitor’s personal identity has reduced the security risks by eliminating the entry of black listed people. Real time data analytics and dashboard monitoring at the control room has largely improved the safety and security.