AutomataPi: Business Automation Provider For Faster Solutions & Services

In this HighTech era, Automation has become a mandatory aspect for the success of any business. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for exponential growth in the Automation industry with Digital Automation bringing in customer-centricity. Mumbai-based AutomataPi is positioned as the one-stop-shop for the Process Automation needs of an organization. The company provides various tools for implementing lifecycle automation to meet its clients' requirements. AutomataPi has the right automation platform for businesses to auto-mate their Customer-Centric Business scenarios.

AutomataPi is the platform for all Digital Process Automation needs of a Business

The AutomataPi Journey
Instead of being a monolithic solution that is cumber-some to deploy, use, and maintain, AutomataPi is a Cloud-First Digital Age Solution. The company's modular approach allows its clients to solve a specific problem or go in for wholistic digital transformations at a business function level. AutomataPi enables Straight Through Processing (STP) of business processes that eliminates human intervention for repetitive processes there by reducing TAT, and enhance the end customer NPS. The platform comes with Case Management features for exception handling and management.

Pi-Flow : Pi-Connect :Pi-Talk :Pi-Learn :Pi-Find
Pi-Flow, the orchestrator tool, incorporates a low-code configuration studio, workflow engine and MIS-CXO dashboards. It is a Cloud-First Solution that runs completely on AutomataPi secure cloud or the client's premises as per client's choice. Pi-Flow comes equipped with traditional BPM features and is also digital-ready due to its unique capability to work with unstructured and event data.

Pi-Connect, a standalone toolset, provides out-of-the-box integrations with industry-standard CRMs, ERPs and other core platforms. It has connectors to the digital world
in the form of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email & SMS gateways and IVR & Cloud telephony. Pi-Talk, a hybrid conversational stack, contains open-ended NLP and decision tree-based rule engines. The engine supports multiple goals and context switching, allowing the conversations to be natural as human conversations. Available in multiple Indic and foreign languages, Pi-Talk works in conjunction with the other tools to provide a conversational frontend to the end customer.

Pi-Learn is the ML/AI set of tools for achieving business objectives as readily available pluggable services. The Platform has a ML studio that enables clients to design and deploy their algorithms using their data science divisions. Pi-Find is a set of APIs developed by AutomataPi. The primary objective of Pi-Find is to identify the right data points irrespective of the format of the data.

AutomataPi's primary offering is Straight-Through-Processing-Automation working on process flows where primary paths are automated end-to-end without manual intervention. The company, since inception in 2017, has garnered a wide range of clientele across India and Middle East. AutomataPi plans to create a third-party developer ecosystem in Automation Industry for making available relevant solutions across industry segments just like an automation store on lines of a Mobile App/Play store.