Blue Prism: The Future Of Automation That Unifies Human & Digital Workforces

CIO Vendor With digital transformation, intelligent automation has gained immense importance mainly for process management to orchestrate users, tasks, systems, and robots (RPA) depending on the business needs at each moment. Intelligent Automation contemplates the use of analytics and AI (especially machine learning) to make automated and intelligent decisions, and case management to provide processes with enough flexibility for end-to-end case management success.

But how does it serve its purpose in current scenario? How well the companies are into it to deliver excellence to their customers?

Blue Prism, established in the year 2001, has answered these questions remarkably well. The company has set its benchmarks by delivering excellence to its customers. Blue Prism is intelligent automation technology that accelerates operational efficiency and agility across today's connected enterprise by making it easy for business users to automate and share the processes that matter most.

Blue Prism's enterprise-grade automation is smart, secure, scalable, and easy to deploy-for any company, industry, department or team member. The firm believes every company will soon have a digital workforce to transform the way work is done. "Working smartly and being more productive has always been the motive of Blue Prism," says Subhash Chandra, Country Head Sales, Blue Prism.

With technology changing so rapidly and with over 2000+ customers globally there is a huge expectation from Blue Prism to constantly keep innovating and set new benchmarks. Right now, Cloud is the need of the hour and SaaS delivered Intelligent Automation is catching up in the industry. Blue Prism acquired Though to no my in 2018, which is now fully integrated and called Blue Prism Cloud. This is industry's first fully managed, SaaS delivered Intelligent Automation Platform with consumption-based pricing.

Blue Prism also provides Intelligent & Learning capabilities to make their Digital Workers smart to offer exceptional efficiency and ROI. The platform offers Digital Worker Pool, based on the SLA time and level of priority set. The platform is designed to automatically assign only those many digital workers as required to automate a specific process within the deadline and once the process is completely executed, Digital Workers will automatically pick up next process in the queue or get back to perform what they were assigned.

Blue Prism also provides Business enterprises an option to pick best of the breed AI tools from Industry first Blue Prism Digital Exchange, a (Digital Market) place with 100+ pre integrated/configured assets aligning with 6 intelligent skills where the business owners can themself drag and drop the required intelligent skill to automate the process with highest level of accuracy. The company has a no-code automation, Blueprism Intelligent Automation, which is business-developed, and pushes the boundaries of RPA to deliver value across any business process in a connected enterprise.

Long Term Goals to Focus on Productivity & Customer Satisfaction
A clearly defined IT strategy is central to any intelligent automation initiative. Blue Prism was built to meet this requisite broadly. The aim has always been to meet both IT and business goals, including the flexibility to deploy Blue Prism software in the manner that best suits a business-whether as a SaaS offering, on the public cloud of client's choice, or on-premises at the office.

"When it comes to intelligent automation, we think simplicity is critical. And this clarity carries over to our transparent pricing model. Moreover, our Customer First approaches has helped us to onboard many new customers and retain 98 percent of our existing customers globally, which is best in the industry," adds Subhash.
Simply put, each Blue Prism license is delivered as an all-inclusive package, including an intelligent digital worker with a built-in set of innovative products and easy access to downloadable cognitive skills that enhance a business' digital worker capabilities.

What does the Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform do?
Intelligent automation combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver digital workers that take away the mundane tasks human workers are overloaded with empowering them to focus on the profit driving initiatives only people can do. Our intelligent automation platform provides everything you need to serve your customers in today's demanding world with a secure, stable and compliant environment that propels digital transformation.

We're here to help every step of the way from automation specialists, pre-built automations and training and certification to our unrivaled customer support. A combination of robotics process automation (RPA) with expanded cognitive and AI capabilities makes Blue Prism different from other automation tools on the market. As a Blue Prism customer, you gain instant access to an already AI equipped digital workforce, along with the capabilities you need to build, delegate, and control your automations.

Blue prism's enterprise-grade automation is smart, secure, scalable, and easy to deploy-for any company, industry, department or team member

"Customer care is our obsession. Quality is our obsession. Human workers working hand in hand with digital workers is the way we've transformed our customer care areas. Our people feel their work is better with digital workers and the results are incredible," says Javier Magdalena Pinilla, Director - Simplification & Robotization,

Telefonica Commits to Digital Transformation Across its Business
Telefonica Group, specifically Telefonica Spain, is symbolic of the new generation of digital businesses, yet they are nearly 100 years old. In July 2019, Telefonica executives set a public goal to achieve savings of 1 billion euros through their digital transformation program across the business in 12 countries. At Telefonica Spain, the focus is on gaining efficiency in all aspects of the business, including finance, operations, pre-sales, and contact center operations for both B2B and B2C segments.

“Telefonica used blue prism to create a front-to-back-office solution that uses trustportal, machine learning, and integrations with more than 30 technologies”

For any telecommunications company, contact centers create an operational challenge due to high labor and IT costs. They also have a significant impact on the customers' satisfaction with their service provider. The company works with more than 1,000 large enterprises and tens of thousands of small to medium-sized business, which are supported by 1,000 Telefonica customer service specialists. On the consumer side, more than 6,000 call center agents field hundreds of thousands of requests from customers each day.

Since contact centers have such a significant impact on the customers' satisfaction with their service provider, Telefonica resolved to quickly improve customer service and call-center efficiency.

Telefonica used Blue Prism to create a front-to-back-office solution that uses TrustPortal, machine learning, and integrations with more than 30 technologies. In fact, Blue Prism digital workers process approximately 250,000 simultaneous customer calls each day, sometimes at a rate of 20 calls per second. Telefonica Spain employs nearly 600 intelligent digital workers, who complete many tasks on their own, enabling the call center agents to focus on higher value work.