Glosap Consulting Group.: Enabling Digital Transformation Through Cutting-Edge RPA Solutions

CIO Vendor Organizations are increasingly adopting automation, realizing the power of digital workforce. Business leaders are looking to stay ahead by leveraging the benefits of an RPA-led digital workforce to take the first step towards their organization's digital transformation. This refers to people working alongside robots and smart machines. Recent research conducted by Forrester indicates that there will be more than four million robots performing routine office and administrative tasks in large-scale organizations by 2022.

Hence, the governance of this new digital workforce is going to be a key process that would be gaining traction among organizations that are undergoing digital transformation. Robotic Process Automation is at the forefront of human-computer technology and provides players in the industry with a virtual workforce that is rule-based and is set up to connect with your company's systems in the same way as the existing users. RPA can be deployed at the back office, then to the heart of the business, and also in the front office services.

A US payroll company is tasked with paying 39 million people worldwide and using digital workers has led to bottom-line benefits and additional capacity. Therefore, RPA is now helping to enable its international service delivery strategy ­ to standardize, optimize, automate, and centralize key processes ­ at a speed and cost point much more advantageous than other technologies.

Delivering Intelligent Automation Solutions
Enabling digital transformation through RPA Solutions that offer a high level of precision, accuracy, and objectivity to businesses is Singapore headquartered Glosap Consulting Group. As a technology company delivering Intelligent Automation solutions, Glosap plays the role of a professional service partner in the field of Advanced Robotic Process Automation.

As one of the leading AI & RPA, iRPA (SAP RPA) and RaaS (Robotics-as-a-Service) Service Providers Glosap renders services to clients across the globe and has worked on numerous projects for Global clients for Productivity Improvement and maximizing their profitability by adopting the latest technologies like AI & RPA, Digital Workforce for the past few years. As an enterprise application company and partner for SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and other ERP systems, the Glosap team possessing excellent business process optimization skills and knowledge has handled different applications for the past 15 years in global projects. Furthermore, this has enabled the company to develop many AI & RPA and RaaS readymade plug-in type BOTS for ERP and CRM applications, and Industry-specific easy deployment BOTS for realizing quick ROI for its clients.

Leveraging ML & AI To Build A Powerful Digital Workforce
Lower TCO, Cost savings up to 80 percent, higher ROI, Assured Intelligence, Quality improvement, Scalable solutions are some of the benefits of the digital workforce. Glosap Consulting's Digital Workforce Offering include RaaS (Robotics as a Service), ROR [Robots-on-Rental], and OPD [On-Premises Deployment]. RaaS is available in a Subscription model and pay per usage (Hosted on cloud/on-premises) model, ROR can be deployed on client premises/cloud and is based on monthly billing for the usage, and OPD includes the License + server + implementation sup-port (classic method). The company leverages ML and AI to build a powerful digital workforce for businesses to win in the market.

Raas (Robots-As-A-Service) - Digital Workforce At Zero Upfront Cost
Robotics-As-A-Service (RaaS) is a new business model where robots are offered as a service rather than as a product to manage an organization's most manual, mundane, repetitive, or hazardous tasks across multiple locations. Robotics as a Service (RaaS) is a unique model which is a combination of cloud computing, AI, robotics, and shared services. With RaaS, clients don't need to buy an integrated solution; instead, they can lease the Ready-made plug & Play Digital workforce (BOTS) as a cloud-based service.

RaaS offers a flexible purchasing procedure that helps buyers maintain their bottom line. In addition to this, enhanced employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and loyalty are some of the turnaround factors which make Robotics as a Service (RaaS) the treasured possession of futuristic businesses. This helps to improve productivity at minimal costs, enables a smarter business network, employees to focus on high-value tasks, facilitates cost-sharing between companies, providing a flexible and scalable solution, control the centre for allocating resources, and to choose between pay per use and fixed prices.

This is where Glosap's RaaS solution comes into the picture. Glosap's RaaS solution, empowers enterprises to dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate performance. The biggest benefit of Glosap's RaaS is that end users can now shift their capital expenditure (CAPEX) to an operational expenditure (OPEX), allowing them to deploy solutions without large upfront costs.
Glosap's Digital Workforce Automated Processes:
Glosap Group already developed more than 100+ readymade Plug & Play type of Digital workforces suitable of SAP ECC, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CRM, Oracle ERP and Tally, Typical automation scenarios are SAP Procure to Pay - P2P, SAP3 way matching, Material Master Creation, Customer Master Creation, SAP Order to Cash - OTC Cycle, Inbound & Outbound delivery for Sale cycle in SAP S4 HANA, SAP User Transaction Audit report, Logistics Industry - Container Estimation, Updating Invoice details in Web portal, Employee Master Creation in ORACLE, E-Invoice Processing in Microsoft GP/NAV-application, Payroll Processing in SAP B1, Customer Report & Stock Reports, Invoice Processing based on Approval, Lead and Account Creation in CRM and more.

"What differentiates Glosap Consulting from the other players is the company's strong global presence, latest technology adoption, client-friendliness, and cost-effective solutions," says M.Venkatesh Babu, Managing Director, Glosap Consulting Group.

Proven Track Record Of Delivering Best-Of-The-Breed RPA Services
With the leading gold partner status, leading RPA Vendor, UiPath has recognized Glosap's skills and capabilities in delivering UiPath's cutting-edge RPA services and solutions across industries. Glosap has a proven track record of delivering best-of-the-breed RPA services and solutions to organizations across industries leveraging the UiPath platform. Glosap believes that its UiPath Gold Partner status is the be-ginning of a strong partnership with UiPath and will further enable Glosap to deliver the highest standard of professional services and end-to-end RPA solutions.

The Journey So Far And The Road Ahead
Established in 2006 by Venkatesh, Glosap Consulting Group is an enterprise software solution provider, headquartered in Singapore. Glosap offers SAP services and products such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) software, IoT, Blockchain and AI & RPA, RaaS solutions. With channel partnership with SAP & Microsoft, their specialty lies in their SAP Business One (B1), SAP All-in-One (A1), SAP HANA, SAP Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, and CRM solutions and services.

With their goal to enable companies to use information technology (IT) to maximize their potential, Glosap's only focus is to help clients get the best possible returns on their IT investments. With a network of Global competency consultants worldwide, Glosap clients' can be assured that they will always receive the latest knowledge and developments and be well informed about how it can aid their company's development.

We focus on quality and price, and we know exactly what we are doing our consultants are all strictly in-house, allowing for easier communications, as well as keeping costs down.

Before establishing Glosap, Venkatesh worked as an Engineering Manager in various industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical and manufacturing. Gaining a good foundation and understanding of business processes eventually inspired Venkatesh to pursue an MBA. Recognizing the huge potential of the IT industry and what it is able to do for businesses, Venkatesh decided to make a foray into it and established GLOSAP Consulting Pvt Ltd in 2006. Furthermore, he expanded Glosap Operations in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Germany, US, Canada, UAE with its Back office & CoE in Chennai and Hyderabad under the name of Glomatriz Technologies Pvt Ltd.

When Glosap was first established, Venkatesh encountered his first challenge with filling the vacant positions. "The avail-ability of manpower resources is a challenge, even till today. It is hard to find the right man for the job, who comes with the skills and knowledge," says Venkatesh To compound the problem, Venkatesh adds that job-hopping rates are high as well, with employees leaving before their projects are completed.

To cope with the shortage and cost of manpower, Venkatesh decided to offshore the majority of Glosap operations overseas to countries like Thailand and India. "In total, we have about 200+ employees, who are mainly working on multiple projects across the globe. "We focus on quality and price, and we know exactly what we are doing. Our consultants are all strictly in-house, allowing for easier communications, as well as keeping costs down. I believe it is important to build a consistent team, without the contribution and co-operation of the team, we would lose money and our reputation with the client," explains Venkatesh.

"In five years, we hope to have an employee count of 1000 across various teams. We are also planning to expand our operations to few more countries. Down the line, we want to eventually be a global company, providing the best Value-adding Innovative solutions partner for the Enterprises," adds Venkatesh.

Hence, under the leadership of Venkatesh, and with their expanding company on the cusp of great success, it is clear that Glosap Group will establish itself in the IT and Digital solutions industry worldwide as a reliable, prominent innovative service provider.